Twiva VPN looking for testers

Later this year we are looking to provide a completely free service to the Twiva Network community, known as Twiva VPN.

It will allow users to make use of our VPN network when transmitting data across the internet, which will:

  • Encrypt their network traffic (adding security on public networks)
  • Allow them to circumvent government/ISP restrictions and monitoring
  • Allow them to remain anonymous (from a technical standpoint)

We are currently looking for people to test the system, to see how well it can operate. Initial tests show that the system is fast enough to play multiplayer games and stream online videos with no additional lag. It works for all internet traffic, not just web browsing.

There are programs and apps available for users on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Recruitment drive for GTAMPNews journalists

While strategically planning for the year ahead, we have decided to start by focusing on one specific service, and build up from there. Therefore, we have decided to spearhead GTA Multiplayer News (GTAMPNews) for the next few months, as it has the most potential for drawing in new talent.

If you are at all interested in the realm of GTA Multiplayer (MTA, SAMP, FiveM, VCMP, GTA:LU, GTAC, PR, etc.) then be sure to check out the vacancy we have for journalists. Even if you have not done any journalism before, we will provide you with all of the skills and training required.

Our news website is nothing amateur; all articles are written professionally and unbiased, and the website is well-organised into categories and tags so that readers can follow their specific interests. Your articles and information will be read by GTA enthusiasts from across the world.

By being a part of the GTAMPNews team, you will be doing the following on a daily basis:

  • Reporting on updates and new releases
  • Interviewing members of the community
  • Taking part in events and celebrations
  • Investigating drama and disputes
  • Investigating matters of public interest

…and much more! As part of the role you will build up a reputation within GTA communities as the go-to person for covering a news story. You will meet plenty of new people and make some great friends, as well as exploring everything that GTA Multiplayer has to offer.

PS: Under the revised strategic planning, we have decided to suspend the invite competition until further notice. We expect it to resume sometime after March 2019.

An invite competition will be starting this month

A new ‘invite competition’ will be starting this month. For every new person you invite to Twiva Network, you will get one point. Each week the person with the most points will be rewarded, and everybodies points will be reset.

For the reward, the winner will be able to pick any item from the Steam community market that is 5 GBP or less. They will then be given the item as soon as possible, though this may not always be instant due to Steam restrictions.

The first reward will be announced on Monday 17th December 2018, counting invites up to midnight on Sunday 16th December 2018. The reward will then be announced every Monday, for invites up to every Sunday.

You can start earning invite points from today. To gain a point:

  • The person must join the Discord server and be active
  • The person must be completely new to Twiva Network (no second accounts, etc.)
  • The person must actually be interested in Twiva Network, and not just insta-quit
  • The person must be your friend in some way. You cannot invite random people.
  • Leave a message in the #competitions channel explaining who you invited

Twiva Cloud now available

Twiva Cloud, our secure cloud platform that focuses on privacy and security, is now available! Be sure to check out the overview page, that lists some of the many features and benefits of the service.

Most importantly, all of the profit raised from Twiva Cloud will be used for our philanthropic mission. By using Twiva Network as your cloud services provider, you are also helping those in need.

If you have any questions or queries, or want to register for a trial/account, be sure to join our Discord server and get in touch.